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To deliver the best automation solutions, we have developed a systematic way to advise you on selection and implementation. We ensure that you have the right surface mining technology, and together we establish a transparent process for the successful transformation of your operations with 6th Sense.
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The 6th Sense process that ensures results.

We offer some of the industry's most advanced automated mining solutions to improve safety, productivity and profitability in your operations. Which area of your surface mining operations do you want to optimize?

Customers stories



MAXAM 使用配备 HNS(孔位导引系统)的安百拓先进钻机弥补了其机械园区的不足,并优化了钻孔和爆破作业成果。



加拿大的 Hollinger 矿场就正在经历一场变革。 这座露天金矿位于蒂明斯市 - 这是安大略省的一座小城市,共有人口大约 45 000 人。 这座矿场隶属 Newmont Goldcorp Porcupine 公司,也是该公司在当地经营的矿场之一。 待剩余金矿采尽之后,这座矿场会被改造成一座公园。 不过,目前这依然是一座完全正常运营的金矿,也是展示露天钻进自动化领域创新的中心舞台。