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We have offered Swellex as a stable, safe and reliable system of rock support for the past 30 years.

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Ongoing development of faster, safer and more exotic tunneling techniques places a constant pressure on manufacturers to provide more efficient rock support solutions which will help the shortening of cycle time.

Swellex 锚杆支护系统

Swellex rock bolting system has gained recognition in the mining and tunneling industry. The installation process is simple and similar to rock bolt installation; making Swellex rock bolts accessible to all operators.


The speed and quality of installation and the extensive application range have solved support problems and increased profitability for contractors and mine operators all over the world.


自 30 年前推出以来,Swellex 可膨胀锚杆支护系统已在采矿和隧道开挖行业受到广泛的赞誉。该独特的岩石锚杆由可自身折叠的焊管组成,并且一端密封。借助由专用泵和转接头提供的高压水流,它可以再次膨胀。锚杆在掘进壁中的钻孔内膨胀。安装过程十分容易,并且与其他岩石锚杆安装过程类似,这使得 Swellex 岩石锚杆可由所有操作员轻松操作。锚杆支护系统用于在地下矿场和隧道开挖作业中稳固所挖掘的岩体。岩石锚杆对称布置,用于把来自不稳定岩石表面或外部的负载转移到更加坚固的岩石内部。岩体可由不同类型的岩石锚杆加固。安百拓提供以下 Swellex 膨胀锚杆支护系统: