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DML rotary blasthole drills


适用 DML 的液压操控钻头吊篮系统 (HOBBS) 提高了在平台上处理钻头时的安全性。


  • 根据您的钻头尺寸选择正确尺寸的滚子回转衬套、卸扣叉和钻头吊篮。
  • HOBBS 安装手册中提供了气缸和阀门的所有必要端口连接。
  • HOBBS 现场改装套件随附所有必要的子部件,以及您所选尺寸的滚子回转衬套、卸扣叉和钻头吊篮。


Easy to maintain with fewer moving parts and subcomponents means greater reliability.
Straightforward installation, including a step-by-step procedure provided with the kit.
A field retrofit kit for changing the drill bit on the deck to enable safer operations.