Increased Safety with BenchREMOTE in Savage River Mine



BenchREMOTE operator station

After four straight years with no lost time injuries, the Savage River iron ore mine on the west coast of Tasmania is justly proud of its safety record. This open pit operation, owned by Grange Resources, has consistently put safety first in bench drilling and blasting.

Now this operation has been made even safer with the introduction of a mobile, remote control station allowing an operator of an Atlas Copco SmartROC D65 drill rig to control the entire drilling process from a distance.

This Atlas Copco innovation, called BenchREMOTE, replicates the controls in the cabin of the rig. It can be mounted in any mine vehicle or dedicated mobile cabin and can be operated at distances of up to 100 m.


格朗日资源公司决定在萨维奇河矿区对控制台进行测试,并将其安装在一辆类似于露营车的车辆内。在这辆“虚拟驾驶室”中,操作员可在距离钻孔现场整整 100 m 的范围内成功执行各项钻孔操作。


因此,该矿区的 BenchREMOTE 控制台是现场的一项额外安全措施,主要在 SmartROC D65 需要在矿井陡壁附近钻孔时派上用场。这样,操作员可远离作业区域并躲开岩石掉落所造成的潜在危险。格朗日资源公司矿区负责人 John Crockett 介绍称,“在南矿坑和北矿坑,我们有一半的时间都在使用 BenchREMOTE 控制台。”接着他还补充到,该钻机的 HNS(孔位导引系统)无需手动标记孔位。

"BenchREMOTE is the ultimate in hazard reduction and completely removes the risk. It’s the way of the future"

John Crockett, Superintendent Grange Resources
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From his virtual cabin, the SmartROC D65 operator monitors and controls the rig via a closed circuit WiFi network which is independent of the mine’s communications infrastructure.

In addition, the SmartROC D65 rig’s functions of auto-collar, auto-position, auto-drill and rod changing ensure accurate and productive drilling while following the drill pattern which is loaded via USB.

“It’s awesome!” says Ben Whish-Wilson, the rig’s operator. “It’s got a good camera so you can see everything that’s going on and it’s real-time and responsive. Basically, I have the same level of control (as in the rig). I especially like the auto-pos button which straightens the feed and the autodrill’s good, too.

” With today’s lower iron ore prices, maintaining access to high grade ore, mine development and focusing on costs are top priorities at Savage River. Against this background, the addition of a BenchREMOTE station is more than just a way to increase safety. It allows the mine to access ore which otherwise would have required the gradient of the high wall to be reduced and a lot more waste rock to be blasted.

BenchREMOTE operator station



阿特拉斯·科普柯的塔斯马尼亚分公司经理 John Stanton 表示,他在伯尼 (Burnie) 的团队以钻机维护、零件、服务交换和培训支持等方式为矿区提供了必要的支持。他还补充道,该矿区的 SmartROC D65 很快会配备“钻机远程访问”功能,届时可以通过格朗日资源公司自己的局域网 (LAN) 收发数据。


无论露天矿的钻孔平台是否存在稳定性问题,让钻机操作员离开危险区都是明智之举。阿特拉斯·科普柯的 SmartROC 远程控制台 BenchREMOTE 正是通过这种方式来提高安全性。钻机驾驶室的这一移动式复制品使操作员能够在距离钻孔最远 100 m 处执行所有钻孔任务。控制台与驾驶室中的控制台相同,显示屏提供了相同的孔位概览视图。此外,由于这台“虚拟驾驶室”可以安装在拖车上,因此可以轻松拖挂并将其放在最佳位置。BenchREMOTE 通过独立于矿区 LAN 网络的闭路 Wifi 网络运行,在将来还能够通过一个控制台控制最多三台钻机。

2018 年 1 月 1 日之前,安百拓使用商标“阿特拉斯·科普柯”开展经营。

露天凿岩与勘探设备部 采矿业 BenchREMOTE 客户案例 SmartROC D65 国际 2015