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Touching water or heat in one go

Mount the gear, drill the hole and on to next. Fast and smooth, without hassle. One hole in one go, without jamming or premature bit failure. That’s most drillers’ idea of a good day at work.

ROP and reliability

Geothermal and water-well drilling are all about speed and durability. The hammer must operate with a high rate of penetration (ROP), while being robust enough for you to drill all the way down to the required depth without interruption. Because, at the end of the day, it’s how many holes you’ve drilled that matters.


Understanding your challenges

We listened to several geothermal professionals describing their challenges. As a result, the upgraded COP W4 2.0 hammer is powerful enough to efficiently penetrate even very deep or water-filled holes, and its bit durable enough to last up to 400 meters in one go. Because we know how important it is for anyone working with geothermal or water-well drilling.


More than a facelift

We increased the airflow of the hammer to maximize its impact energy. We redesigned the bit to cope with the increased impact energy. We strengthened the steel of the casing to extend the hammer’s lifetime. Just to name of few improvements. The upgraded hammer lends its name, COP W4 2.0, to the software world. Just to emphasize that it’s more than a facelift – it’s a new way of working.


We pay equal attention to every part of your equipment. Hammer and bit are developed side by side and optimized as a package – from idea to complete solution. That’s why you can put your trust in COP W4 2.0.
COP W4 2.0 dreampackage


We went back to the drawing board when upgrading the existing COP W4. The result? The new COP W4 2.0 HF, with an airflow of 470 liters/s at 35 bar working pressure (505 l/s with cooler) – and the power to penetrate deep and water-filled holes. If you’re opting for the lowest fuel consumption in the market, the classic 420 l/s version comes upgraded as COP W4 2.0 LF, with the same 20 percent increase in wear resistance as the high-flow version.


DTH bit

Our new down-the-hole (DTH) bits are completely redesigned to maximize ROP and durability. The bit’s body is made of a harder and tougher grade of steel. A special heat treatment enhances the bit’s wear resistance and lifetime. The buttons – including innovative Trubbnos – are Enduro Extra treated to further extend the intervals between re-grinds.



The internal parts of the hammer last longer than those in contact with the rock. The faster-wearing external parts can be easily replaced. With our economy kit, or E-kit, your COP W4 2.0 hammer can be rebuilt 1–3 times, with little or no loss in productivity. A clever way to costeffectively sustain the productivity of your hammers.

Mission accomplished

During testing, we achieved high ROP even at a water influx of 30,000 liters per hour. Productivity of at least 45 meters per hour at 35 bar working pressure. Total life of 12,000 meters including the use of two E-kits. All at a greatly reduced cost of drilling. Here’s how we accomplished the mission.
COP W4 2.0 CutThrough
Stronger buttons! The buttons have undergone our patented Enduro Extra treatment, which improves their durability and increases the intervals between re-grinds by up to 20 percent.
Optimized bit head! The bit head is designed for superior drilling productivity, with ideal buttons and an optimized layout of flushing holes. Selectable bit face and button designs available depending on rock type.
Clever shank design! In-house metallurgy and heat treatment ensure optimum impact of energy transmission from the piston – and unbeatable drilling performance.
Tougher steel! The hammer casing is made of proven high-class steel, which offers outstanding toughness and wear resistance. Tests show that the casing’s lifetime has been increased by up to 20 percent compared to the previous version.
Smarter piston! The relation between the piston's and the bit's cross-section areas determines the stress level in the bit. We adjusted the relation as well as the shape of the piston to minimize bit stress.
Lighter piston! The new piston weighs only 7.35 kg, allowing for a higher strike frequency with less strain and wear on the hammer. It also enables more stable drilling, reducing the need for drilling-speed adjustments.
Novel air distributor! The new air distributor determines the air flow of the hammer, and is the only component that differs between COP W4 2.0 LF and COP W4 2.0 HF.

Field tests

"Drillers simply want no other hammer"

For a full year, the new COP W4 2.0 HF hammer was tested by selected drilling contractors for water-well and geothermal drilling. Most of them reported that the newer version of hammer had become more reliable, easy to adjust and cost saving.
COP W4 exploded view

Averaging 60 meters per hour

With a large compressor and 35 bar working pressure, it drilled 60 meters per hour on average, using 1.9–2.0 liters of diesel per meter. With a smaller compressor, at 25 bar pressure, 40–45 meters per hour were drilled with a diesel consumption of 1.5–1.6 liters per meter – a reduction of 0.8–1.0 liters per three-meter rod compared to the reference equipment.


Fuel costs in focus

Almost all geothermal contractors said they prioritize reducing diesel consumption over meters drilled per hour, as their fuel costs were reportedly higher than their drillers’ salary costs. They were therefore very pleased with the vastly improved energy efficiency of

the newer hammer.


Overall experiences can be summarized as: “Drillers simply want no other hammer”, as they reported the hammer is energy efficient, robust, easy to adjust to the rock type and requires little monitoring.

* for 115 mm diameter bit