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Problem solvers at the Doha Metro


The first construction phase of the new Doha Metro is progressing according to plan as three of the four tunnels in the network begin to take shape.
The Green Line, also known as the Education Line, was one of the first projects to get under way. It consists of twin tubes running into Doha from the south before bearing off westwards, through the university district, and on to the Al Rayyan sports stadium.
This is also the line that will transport many thousands of football fans to and from the stadium during the FIFA world Cup in 2022.
Like all of the tunnels in the system, the Green Line has an inner diameter of 6.17 m and a total underground length of 37 km (2 x 18.5 km). It is also being driven at a depth of about 20 m through soft rock – a mix of Simsima limestone, Midra shale and Rus formations.
地下水入侵问题,特别是沿整条隧道布置的众多应急联络通道与主隧道的连通点处,这给工程师们带来了艰巨的挑战。这些长 10 到 15 m 通道均采用小型挖掘机施工,因此,除非对周围地表进行彻底排水,否则这些通道无法与主隧道连通 - 这项工作需要使用特殊的钻孔技术和专业知识。虽然面临重重困难,但项目承包商 PSH JV 还是圆满地完成了任务。PSH JV 是由奥地利的 Porr Bau 公司 、沙特阿拉伯的 Saudi Binladin 集团和卡塔尔的 Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting (HBK) 公司共同组建的一家合资公司。
PSH JV 的设备经理 Ferenc Lavicska 告诉 M&C:“保证高质量、可靠性、安全性和可持续性是这项任务的重中之重,因为,在寻求方法来解决联络通道挖掘过程中所面临的透水问题时,我们需要使用我们可能找得到的最佳解决方案。”

"The equipment is very effective and robust which is necessary for this application. "

Ferenc Lavicska ,Plant Manager, PSH JV


承包商们评估了多个不同的解决方案,最终选择了被认为最有可能取得成功的解决方案 - 拥有 Symmetrix 钻孔系统和全天候技术支持的 FlexiROC T20 R 钻机,这些全部由阿特拉斯·科普柯提供。
“在选择解决方案的过程中,我们与阿特拉斯·科普柯进行了非常融洽的技术讨论,他们向我们证明其所提供的解决方案能够满足我们的需求,”Lavicska 说道。“自那时起,我们就很明显地感觉到我们作出了正确的选择。”
事实证明,主要为露天钻孔而设计的 FlexiROC T20 R 钻机非常适合这种地下应用场合。这些设备设计紧凑并采用了定制的短推进梁,因此可在隧道内非常狭窄的空间中挥洒自如。
它们配有强劲并带有高扭矩旋转马达的 COP 1140 凿岩机,能够以任意角度钻孔。它们还可以与永久式套管配合使用(但需对钎杆支撑系统进行简单改装),维护起来特别方便。


The FlexiROC T20 R rigs start drilling the dewatering holes immediately after the TBM’s last gantry has passed the cross passage installation points. The holes are 76 mm in diameter and installed mainly in the tunnel walls to a depth of 12–14 m. Up to 10 holes are completed per day in two, 10 hour shifts.
During these essential dewatering operations the rigs have also proved to be very fuel efficient, consuming just 20–25 liters per hour. In addition, all rock drilling tools, including R32 drill rods, shank adapters and drill bits, are proving to be perfectly matched to the application and are long lasting. The service life of the bits, for example, is reported to be 1–1.5 months after continuous use.

"The whole arrangement is working out very well. The equipment is not just getting the job done it is also proving to be very robust which is necessary for this application. We are very satisfied with the progress."

Ferenc Lavicska ,Plant Manager, PSH JV
2018 年 1 月 1 日之前,安百拓使用商标“阿特拉斯·科普柯”开展经营。

料石行业 2016 Dimension stone 地面施工和采石 FlexiROC T20 R 国际化 露天凿岩与勘探设备部 客户案例