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Cabletec M - Quality controlled cable bolting

Cabletec M is a fully mechanized cable bolting drill rig for mid size mining tunnel profiles.

The main benefits of Cabletec M are:

- Operator safety and ergonomics thanks to the FOPS certified protection roof or optional cabin, with full mechanization of the drilling, grouting and cable pushing processes

- Quality control with automatic mixing for the cement grout and data recording functionality

- High producitivity thanks to the two-boom concept featuring dual task functionality with separate drilling boom and grout cable boom



单独的灌浆和锚索插入钻臂及具有 FOPS 认证的保护顶板,生产率和安全性得以兼顾。充裕的干混凝土和锚索存储容量使设备在重新灌装前具有更长的运行时间。具有支持 Simba S7 钻进和定位系统的双重功能。

Cabletec M 的全机械化钻进系统沿用自久经考验的采矿凿岩台车 Simba S7。Cabletec M 具有 500 kg 干混凝土和约 775 m 长 15.2 mm 直径锚索的存储容量。它具有 51–76 mm 的钻孔直径和 20 m 的机械化钻孔深度,还可以被用作辅助采矿凿岩台车。