Look to the Pit Viper series of drills if technology, productivity, and high asset life for the lowest total cost of ownership are on your list of priorities. When it comes to large holes in hard rock you can't compromise anywhere. A powerful rotary head, high bit load, large compressor, and robust structure bring balanced power for the hardest rock.

• A rotary head with powerful torque of up to 25.7 kNm (19,000 lb-ft) , compressor capacity of up to 3,800 cfm of air, and 56,700 kg (125,000 lb) weight on bit, give the PV-351 balanced and powerful system to quickly drill through hard rock.

• The PV-351 has both diesel and electric versions. Both the diesel and electric operate on a common drill platform, allowing the best in class serviceability for mines who need the flexibility for both machines.

• The PV-351 offers excellent serviceability with easy access to filters and the ability to troubleshoot systems and components through the RCS system in the cab or remotely from the office with the optional Desktop Viewer package.

• The single pass tower allows for clean hole single pass drilling of up to 19.8 m (65 ft) and multi pass drilling of up to 41 m (135 ft). The tower is also a “live tower” design meaning it can be raised and lowered with a full carousel and the rotary head at the top of the tower – further testament to the structural design of the tower.

• The standard Rig Control System (RCS) provides on board automation capability as part of the standard drill package to help deliver safety and productivity. With RCS you can run automation with an operator on board with options like auto drill and auto level or you can run with the operator off the drill with the optional Bench Remote package allowing one operator to run one or multiple units. With the RCS system on Pit Vipers you can even achieve your ambition of fully autonomous drilling with almost no human interaction with the drill.