What is the differences and relationships between Epiroc and Atlas Copco?

In early 2017, Atlas Copco announced the company split proposal, resulting in two separate global companies, Atlas Copco and the new company which named Epiroc in May. The company split is aimed at making both companies fully focused and dedicated their business. The Atlas Copco group will focus on the industrial customers, while the Epiroc group will be dedicated to mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries. Both companies will be the undisputed market leaders within their respective areas.
For Epiroc Greater China, there have been no change in the operations and organization structure from the company split and legal entity name change. We will continue providing you with the excellent products and services building on proven Atlas Copco expertise and performance with the same people and bold new drive. In 2018, we will rebrand our products from Atlas Copco to Epiroc gradually.

Why do the split, and why now?

Both the Board and Management are convinced that the split companies can serve the customers even better than today and bring long-term shareholder value will be created by splitting the Group into two separate companies. Both businesses are global leaders in their respective fields and benefit from a more focused management responsibility. Atlas Copco and Epiroc have different end-markets with different demand drivers and demand patterns, and a split will increase their respective abilities to add value to customers, grow the business and attract talent. Now is the right time to do this.

How would this be a growth project for the Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business?

The Epiroc will be able to strengthen its focus due to it having a Board and Management that will be able to be more dedicated to this business. There are plenty of growth opportunities within our existing segments and also adjacent segments.

How will Greater China Mining and Rock Excavation’s customers be affected?

There have been no changes in our business operation. Our customers will not be affected by split. We have strong customer centres, professional people, excellent products and superior service. This will continue and in fact be further strengthened as we can run operations even more focused.

What will be the scope of Epiroc Greater China?

The business scope of Epiroc Greater China includes: 
  • Underground Rock Excavation 

  • Surface and Exploration Drilling 

  • Drilling Solutions 

  • Mining and Rock Excavation Service 

  • Hydraulic Attachment Tools 

  • Rock Drilling Tools 

  • Rocktec
  • What will be the impact on Epiroc Greater China’s product companies and distribution centres?

    There will be no impact on our product companies and distribution centres, as we do not share them with other business areas.

    Where is the headquarter of Epiroc Customer Centre Greater China?

    The Headquarter of Epiroc Customer Centre Greater China is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Now we have 8 branches in the mainland China.

    What focus areas will Epiroc Greater China have in the next five years?

    Focus areas include automation, digitalization, innovation, operational excellence. We are absolutely focused on growing and strengthen the position as the undisputed market leader.