The perfect match

June 10, 2016

New Azure exploration bit was configured with customer input to conquer variations in an array of formations

"This is a bit that will perform without guessing and without trying different products within in a formation. I was pleased how interaction with our customer helped develop this successful tool."

Artur Makos - Product Manager, High Performance Diamond Tools

Mine development

"In one 12-hour shift I got 60 meters in granite. In rhyolite one day I got 30 meters by 12:00. That Azure cuts fast through granite and cuts through rhyolite like butter."

Alvin Burton - Driller, Springdale Forestry Resources Inc.

Springdale Forest Resources is an integrated company whose divisions employ more than 300 people in wide variety of fields— from logging, where it got its start, to making core boxes to building the track carriers their rigs are mounted on. Springdale even has a cell phone company to support their work and employees. Being on the island means they need to be more self-reliant. They have won many awards for safety and quality and are respected by employees and the communities where they work. Springdale Diamond Drilling carries out geotechnical and core drilling projects. Since 2006, drilling has grown to 20 percent of the company’s business today. 

Drilling Manager Kevin Regular said the support Atlas Copco has given them has been very helpful, including stocking casing rods and tubes or other necessities to keep them up and running. General Manager Tim Young said, “We want to grow our drilling business with Atlas Copco. I can call and in five minutes I’ve got a response or there is someone in our office.”


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