Increased demand for renting larger DTH products

June 23, 2016

Geotechnical Drilling Tools (GDT) has been growing a rental fleet of large DTH products over the last 5 years to meet increasing demand for these products. By creating this rental fleet it has meant the Customer Centres can offer a full range of products quickly and without the headache a customer faces when having to outlay this type of equipment.
GDT offers DTH hammers from 10 to 30 inches and Cluster drills from 30 to 118 inches along with a full range of auxiliary tooling that is available worldwide. These auxiliary tools consist of rods/swivels/oilers/manifolds and much more. With these tools, the Customer Centres can break into markets that before may not have been possible. Our main focus is to offer a complete solution for the customer. This has helped create relationships where we truly are first in choice and first in mind.
Andrew Robertson,
Product specialist, Geotechnical drilling

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