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Choosing the right pump for you

Users should know the availability of water, air and electricity in the loctations where the pumps will be used.
A comparison of the various input requirements with the available services is neccessary in order to make an educated choice on the best type of pump to use. Installation with a hydraulic rig tends to favor the hydraulic pumps but the electric and pneumatic pumps can still be an option as they can be easily installed on most rigs and more rudimentary bolting equipment. Flexibility requirements can also affect the choice of the pump as the operator may need a pump that can be used in various environments that do not always have all the same service availability. Finally, the hydraulic and electric Swellex pumps have the lowest maintenance cost of the three types available at Epiroc.


Swellex smart pumps – with intelligence built-in

'be smart' Control

Swellex HC1-L and EC1-L pumps take control for a perfect installation, every time. Bolts are not released until recommended pressure is reached for a minimum period of time to deliver best performance of the Swellex rock bolt.

'be smart' Log

Swellex HC1-L and EC1-L pumps log installation parameters, providing you with a permanent quality control record for every bolt; monitoring the safety and productivity.

'be smart' Get flexible

Swellex HC1-L and EC1-L pumps can be used for semi-mechanized installation, separating grip and expansion functions through remote control. These pumps allow easy switching between 240 and 300 bars. They can also be used as a high pressure washer.

Swellex base pumps

A complete range

Pumps and installation kits are available to meet every customer's specific needs.

Sturdy and reliable

Designed and built to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Quality of installation

Designed to assure the quality of installation by controlling the inflation until the required pressure is reached.