Product description

The PV-311 takes everything that makes the Pit Viper series stand out and makes it even better. The large, ergonomic cab offers excellent visibility and operator comfort — it’s like getting an upgrade to first class on your flight. With a 110,000 lbs (50 tonnes) bit load capacity and Epiroc’s Rig Control System (RCS) standard, the PV-311 can add unsurpassed productivity to your mining operations. During rigorous field testing at a copper mine in the U.S., the PV-311 had no trouble managing rough conditions while consistently hitting its targeted depth and maximizing the quality of  the holes drilled.


A rotary head with powerful torque of up to 18 kNm (13,250 lb-ft) , compressor capacity of up to 3,000 cfm of air, and 49,895 kg (110,000 lbs) weight on bit, give the PV-311 more than enough performance to drill a 12-1/4” hole.


The single pass tower allows for clean hole single pass drilling of up to 19.8 m (65 ft) and multi pass drilling of up to 41 m (135 ft). The tower is also a “live tower” design meaning it can be raised and lowered with a full carousel and the rotary head at the top of the tower – further testament to the structural design of the tower.


Main application area

Rotary blasthole drilling

Drilling method

Rotary - Single-Pass

Product family

Pit Viper

Single-pass depth

19,8 m

Maximum hole depth

45 m

Weight on bit

48 000 kg

Pulldown capacity

0 kN - 445 kN

Pullback capacity

0 kN - 220 kN


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.